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The Introduction of E-Top Smart WiFi Thermostats

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2022-10-09 15:16:52
Does ETOP thermostat support wifi and Smart App Operation?
Yes. Etop thermostat is tuya Smart wifi enabled, it supports both Andriod and IOS smart phone remote control, Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control. The major frequency is 2.4Ghz WiFi and we also support 5Ghz in higher module cost.
The users are allowed to use direct Smart Life or Tuya Smart App, or customizing a new user interface with customer preference App name and details. 
It will comes with a specific development cost e.g. $6000 USD ( one time charge)
With the Smart App, the users are easily to control thermostat ON/OFF, set temp up and down, 7 days schedule,  timer, child lock, frost protection mode activation, open window detect and so on.

Now, we're proud to tell customers that all of our product lines supports WiFi and Smart App control :
Boiler Heating Thermostat
Floor Heating Thermostat
Fan Coil Thermostat
Thermostat Plug
IR Mini Split Thermostat
Thermostat Radiator Valve