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How Does Etop Thermostat Save Energy in Winter

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Author : Leo Lee
Update time : 2022-12-15 18:04:46
2022 is a tough and cold for Europe due to the Crisis happening between Russia and Ukraine. As with rising of energy price, people are gradually  facing the cost-rise of the in-house heating. Energy-saving becomes especially important for to help save the daily cost , E-Top help customers guarantee the wallet saving while not losing comfort by below aspects,

First, Etop thermostat has 7 days 4 periods programmable function. Warming up the room at a cozy temperature setpoint within 7 days 4 periods, normally are wake-up, work, back, and rest. The schedule enables 7 days automatic control and comfort without any manual effort.

Second, all of Etop thermostats support Open Window Detect function.When thermostat detects the room temperature drop rapidly, it will shut off heating device for a certain time to save energy. In the default control logic, if there’s a sudden temperature dropping in 2 ℃ within 15 minutes, it will be considered the window is Opened. In addition, you can also contact a window contact ( a digital input) to detect a window is actually opened or not. The Open window allows smart &automatic home climate control.
Last, Frost protection is activated automatically while the floor temp is detected below 8℃ (adjustable in the installer menu). This guarantee staying away from water pipes frozen and bringing certain comfort in the frozen winter.